Health and Safety has become a must for businesses all around the world to prevent accidents and Incidents from occurring. We have helped companies comply with Health and Safety in various industries which include Construction, Telecommunications, Gas/Petrochemical and Financial sector etc

Construction Safety Officers & Agents

As a Safety Consulting Company, we provide Construction Safety Agent services to Client, Principle Contractor & Contractor, Our Safety Officers & Agents are registered with SACPCMP and are proficient in developing baseline Risk Assessments, Client Specifications, Policies & Procedures.


Our  Safety Consultants develop and manage a Covid 19 Protocol/Safety Program for your Company, This protocol is an effective tool used to promote safe work planning for every task during these challenging times. Most employees are excellent at planning the manpower, tools, equipment and time necessary to compete each task, but often do not take the necessary time to plan for their own safety against the Pandemic. This is where our Safety Consultants prove to be an effective tool in bridging that gap.

The forms, Risk Assessments, Pre-screening quizzes  allows the Employer & workforce to mitigate the the risk of Contracting the virus, Through steps, identify the associated hazards, and the corrective actions taken to either eliminate or protect themselves from the identified hazards. Our Safety Consultants evaluate and train individuals and crews who need guidance to improve and Implement Covid 19 Plans, Policies & Procedures.

What is Workplace safety

Work Place Safety is a composite field related to safety, health and welfare of people at work. It narrates the strategy and methods in place to ensure health and safety of employees within a workplace.

Workplace safety includes employee awareness related to the knowledge of basic safety, workplace hazards, and risks relating to hazards, implementation of hazard prevention, and putting into practice necessary safer methods, techniques, process, and safety culture in the workplace.

It also includes safety rules and regulations designed mostly on the basis of existing government policies. Every organization puts in place a number of safety rules and regulations for its people. Safety training and education for employees is imparted periodically with a view to making them aware about and updating them with latest safety measures.

Identify Company Hazards

Employees are the assets to any organization, hence every employee is important for the organization. Proper care and attention by the employer need to give to the upbringing of human capital. This will make the employee to be more dedicated, disciplined, committed and responsible towards his/her work which will in turn help in the growth and development of the organization.

Every employee should be happy and comfortable with the work what they do and the workplace where they work. The workplace plays an important role in shaping and motivating the employees; so it should be a safe and healthy place to work.

Overall, the goal of hazard identification is to find and record possible hazards that may be present in your workplace. It may help to work as a team and include both people familiar with the work area, as well as people who are not – this way you have both the experienced and fresh eye to conduct the inspection


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