What is a health and safety file?

A health and safety file is a collection of Legal Documents required by Legislation to perform tasks or activities on a construction site. 

The file must contain information about the current project that is needed to ensure compliance during any subsequent work such as maintenance, cleaning, refurbishment or demolition.

We pay special attention to all aspects of creating a safety file for use in the construction and workplace sectors.

Every Health and Safety File must be site specific. It will be compiled in accordance with the client’s and the site’s safety specifications. The overall information requirements remain the same, and the site specific documents will be added.

We offer a value added service to our clients by helping our clients to get their Safety Files passed through the following services:

  • Conducting Risk Assessments
  • Creating Safety Files
  • Signing of documents with client
  • Delivering Safety files to client’s or Project sites for Audit


Health and Safety can be an administrative nightmare, but it shouldn’t be the case,

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